IPTV Basics

3DES - Triple Data Encryption Standard 
60i - 60 Interlaced 
A/V - Audio Visual 
AAC - Advanced Audio Codec 
AAF - Advanced Authoring Format 
AALn - ATM Adaptation Layer n 
AC3 - Audio Compression 3 
Ad Credits - Advertising Credits 
Ad Model - Advertising Model 
Ad Splicer - Advertising Splicer 
ADC - Analog to Digital Converter 
ADET - Aggregate Data Event Table 
ADPCM - Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation 
ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 
AEE - Application Execution Environment 
AEIT - Aggregate Event Information Table 
AES - Advanced Encryption Standard 
AES - Audio Engineering Society 
AFI - Authority and Format Identifier 
AFX - Animation Framework eXtension 
AI - Artificial Intelligence 
AIR - Application Information Resource 
AIT - Application Information Table 
AJAX - Asynchronous Javascript and XML 
A-LAN - Appartment Local Area Network 
Analog HDTV - Analog High Definition Television 
ANSI - American National Standards Institute 
AoD - Advertising on Demand 
API - Application Program Interface 
APS - Analog Protection System 
ARIB - Association for Radio Industries and Business 
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange 
ASF - Advanced Streaming Format 
ASF - Advanced Systems Format 
ASI - Asynchronous Serial Interface 
ASN - Abstract Syntax Notation 
ASP - Advanced Simple Profile 
ATA - Advanced Technology Attachment 
ATIS - Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions 
ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode 
ATSC - Advanced Television Systems Committee 
ATV - Analog Television 
ATVEF - Advanced Television Enhancement Forum 
AU - Audio File Format 
AUX - Auxiliary 
Avail - Advertising Availability 
AV - Audio Video 
AVI - Audio Video Interleaved 
AVT - AV Transport Service 
AWT - Abstract Widowing Toolkit 
B2B Advertising - Business to Business Advertising 
B2B - Business to Business 
B2C - Business to Consumer 
BCG - Broadband Content Guide 
BCG - Broadcast Cable Gateway 
BFS - Broadcast File System 
BGP - Border Gateway Protocol 
BIFF - Binary Interchange File Format 
BIOP - Basic Input Output Protocol 
BLC - Broadband Loop Carrier 
BML - Broadcast Markup Language 
BMP - BitMaP 
BOF - Business Operations Framework 
BPP - Bits Per Pixel 
BPS - Bits Per Second 
Broadband TV - Broadband Television 
bslbf - Bit Serial Leftmost Bit First 
BTA - Broadcasting Technology Association in Japan 
BTSC - Broadcast Television Systems Committee 
BUC - Buffer Utilization Control 
CableCARD - Cable Card 
CA - Central Arbiter 
CA - Certificate Authority 
CA - Conditional Access 
CAT - Conditional Access Table 
CATV - Cable Television 
CCBS - Customer Care And Billing System 
CC - Closed Caption 
CCIR - Comite' Consultatif International de Radiocommunications 
CCTV - Closed - Circuit Television 
CDA - Compact Disc Audio 
CDA - Content Distribution Agreement 
CDATA - Character Data 
CDI - Content Digital Item 
CDR - Common Data Representation 
CDS - Content Directory Service 
CEA - Consumer Electronics Association 
CE - Consumer Electronics 
CEPCA - Consumer Electronics Powerline Communication Alliance 
CERN - Conseil European pour la Recherche Nucleaire 
CF - Compact Flash 
CG - Character Generator 
CGM - Consumer Generated Media 
CI - Common Interface 
CLUT - Color Look-Up Table 
CM - Configuration Management 
CM - Connection Manager Service 
CMTS - Cable Modem Termination System 
CN - Core Network 
Coax Amp - Coaxial Amplifier 
COFDM - Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing 
COM - Common Object Model 
Co-op - Cooperative Advertising 
CORBA - Common Object Request Broker Architecture 
CP - Control Point 
CPL - Composition Playlist 
CPU - Central Processing Unit 
CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Check 
CRID - Content Reference Identifier 
CRL - Certificate Revocation List 
CRLF - Carriage Return Followed by a Line Feed 
CRT - Cathode Ray Tube 
CSM - Component Splice Mode 
CSP - Communication Service Provider 
CSRC - Contributing SouRCe 
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets 
CSS - Content Scramble System 
CSS - Customer Support System 
CTAB - Cable Television Advisory Board 
CTEA - Copyright Term Extension Act 
CTL - Certificate Trust List 
CUTV - Catch Up Television 
CVBS - Color Video Blank and Sync 
CVCT - Cable Virtual Channel Table 
DAC - Digital To Analog Converter 
DAI - Digital Item Adaptation 
DASE - DTV Application Software Environment 
DAU - Data Access Unit 
DAVIC - Digital Audio Video Council 
DCAS - Downloadable Conditional Access System 
DCC Table - Direct Channel Change Table 
DCC - Directed Channel Change 
DCCP - Datagram Congestion Control Protocol 
DCCT - Discrete Channel Change Table 
DCD - Document Content Description 
DCG - Data Channel Gateway 
DCH - Dedicated Channel 
DCI - Digital Cinema Initiative 
DCM - Device Control Module 
DCT - Discrete Cosine Transform 
DDB - Download Data Block 
DDE - Declarative Data Essence 
DDI - Data Driven Interaction 
DEBn - Data Elementary Stream Buffer 
DEBSn - Data Elementary Stream Buffer Size 
DECT - Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone 
DER - Definite Encoding Rules 
DES - Data Elementary Stream 
DES - Data Encryption Standard 
DET - Data Event Table 
DFT - Discrete Fourier Transform 
DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 
DH - Diffie Hellman 
DHN - Digital Home Network 
DHS - Digital Home Standard 
DHTML - Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language 
DIB - Device Independent Bitmap 
DiffServ - Differentiated Services 
Digitizing Tablet - Digitizing Pad 
DII - Download Info Indication 
DLNA - Digital Living Network Alliance 
DLP - Discrete Logarithm Problem 
DMA Engine - Direct Memory Access Engine 
DMA - Digital Media Adapter 
DMA - Direct Memory Access 
DMC - Digital Media Controller 
DMD - Digital Media Downloader 
DMIF - DSM - CC Multimedia Integration Framework 
DMP - Digital Media Player 
DMPr - Digital Media Printer 
DMR - Digital Media Renderer 
DMS - Digital Media Server 
DOCSIS+ - Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification Plus 
DOCSISŽ - Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 
DOM - Document Object Model 
DPI - Digital Program Insertion 
DPX - Digital Picture eXchange 
DRAM - Dynamic Random Access Memory 
DRM - Digital Rights Management 
Drop Amp - Drop Amplifier 
DSA - Digital Signature Algorithm 
DSCP - Differentiated Services Code Point 
DS - Distribution Service 
DSI - Data Service Initiate 
DSM-CC - Digital Storage Media Command and Control 
DSM-CC-OC - Digital Storage Media-Command and Control Object Carousel 
DSM-CC-UU - Digital Storage Media-Command and Control User to User 
DSM - Digital Storage Media 
DSNG - Digital Satellite News Gathering 
DSP - Digital Signal Processor 
DSS - Digital Satellite System 
DSS - Digital Signature Standard 
DST - Data Service Table 
DTC - Direct to Consumer 
DTD - Document Type Definition 
DTH - Direct To Home 
DTLA - Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator 
DTS - Decode Time Stamp 
DTS - Digital Theater Sound 
DTS - Digital Theater Systems 
DTT - Digital Terrestrial Television 
DTV - Digital Television 
Dub - Dubbing 
DV Camcorder - Digital Video Camcorder 
DV25 - Digital Video 25 
DVB-ASI - Digital Video Broadcast-Asynchronous Serial Interface 
DVB - Digital Video Broadcast 
DVB-MHP - Digital Video Broadcasting Multimedia Home Platform 
DVBSI - Digital Video Broadcast Service Information 
DVD - Digital Video Disc 
DVE - Digital Video Effect 
DVI - Digital Visual Interface 
DVR - Digital Video Recorder 
DVS - Digital Video Service 
DWDM - Dense Wave Division Multiplexing 
EAS - Emergency Alert System 
EBS - Emergency Broadcast System 
EBU - European Broadcasting Union 
ECMA - European Commerce Applications Script 
ECMA - European Computer Manufactures Association 
ECM - Enterprise Content Management 
ECM - Entitlement Control Messages 
EDCA - Enhanced Distributed Channel Access 
EDL - Edit Decision List 
EDS - Extended Data Services 
EDTV - Enhanced Definition Television 
EE - Execution Engine 
EEPROM - Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 
EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation 
EFS - Error Free Seconds 
EFTA - European Free Trade Association 
EIT - Event Information Table 
EKE - Encrypted Key Exchange 
EOD - Everything on Demand 
EPF - Electronic Picture Frame 
EPG - Electronic Programming Guide 
ESCR - Elementary Stream Clock Reference 
ES - Elementary Stream 
E-Tailers - Electronic Retailers 
ETM - Extended Text Message 
ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute 
ETT - Extended Text Table 
EUMID - Extended Unique Material Identifier 
Euro-DOCSIS - European Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 
E-Wallet - Electronic Wallet 
FAB - Fulfillment, Assurance, and Billing 
FCC - Federal Communications Commission 
FDC - Forward Data Channel 
FDDI - Fiber Distributed Data Interface 
FES - Front End Server 
FIPS - Federal Information Processing Standards 
FMC - Fixed Mobile Convergence 
FOD - Free on Demand 
Forward OOB - Forward Out of Band Channel 
FOSS - Free Open Source Software 
FourCC - Four Character Code 
FPA - Front Panel Assembly 
FTA - Free to Air 
FTP - File Transfer Protocol 
FTTC - Fiber To The Curb 
FW - Firmware 
GCT - Global Color Table 
GIF - Graphics Interchange Format 
GP - Graphics Processor 
GPS - Global Positioning System 
GSM - Global System For Mobile Communications 
GUI - Graphic User Interface 
GXF - General eXchange Format 
HAL - Hardware Abstraction Layer 
HANA - High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance 
HAVi - Home Audio Video Interoperability 
HCCA - HCF Coordination Channel Access 
HCCA - Hybrid Coordination Function Controlled Channel Access 
HCNA - HPNA Coax Network Adapter 
HD - High Definition 
HD-PLC - High Definition Power Line Communication 
HDTV - High Definition Television 
HFC - Hybrid Fiber Coax 
HID - Home Infrastructure Device 
HITS - Headend in the Sky 
HMS - Headend Management System 
HMS - Hosted Media Server 
HND - Home Network Device 
HomePlug AV - HomePlug Audio Visual 
HomePNA - Home Phoneline Networking Alliance 
HP - High Profile 
HSM - Hierarchical Storage Management 
HSTB - Hybrid Set Top Box 
HTML - Hypertext Markup Language 
HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol 
HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure 
HVN - Home Video Network 
iAD - Interactive Advertisements 
IANA - Internet Assigned Numbering Authority 
ICAP - Interactive Communicating Application Protocol 
ICC - International Color Consortium 
ICG - Interactive Cable Gateway 
IC - Integrated Circuit 
IDCT - Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform 
IDEA - International Data Encryptions Algorithm 
IDE - Integrated Development Environment 
IDE - Integrated Drive Electronics 
IDL - Interface Definition Language 
IEEE - Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers 
IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force 
IF Switching - Intermediate Frequency Switching 
IF - Intermediate Frequency 
IGMP - Internet Group Management Protocol 
IHDN - In-Home Digital Networks 
IIC - Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus 
IIF - IPTV Interoperability Forum 
IIOP - Internet Inter-ORB Protocol 
IKE - Internet Key Exchange 
IMS - IP Multimedia System 
Inline Amp - Inline Amplifier 
InstanceID - Instance Identifier 
IOR - Interoperable Object Reference 
IP STB - Internet Protocol Set Top Box 
IPCATV - Internet Protocol Cable Television 
IPDC - Internet Protocol Datacasting 
IPDC - Internet Protocol Device Control 
IPG - Interactive Programming Guide 
IP - Internet Protocol 
IPMP - Intellectual Property Management and Protection 
IPPV - Impulse Pay Per View 
IPR - Intellectual Property Rights 
IPTV - Internet Protocol Television 
IPTV - IP Television Service 
IPVBI - IP Multicast over VBI 
IR Blaster - Infrared Blaster 
IR Receiver - Infrared Receiver 
IRD - Integrated Receiver and Decoder 
IRT - Integrated Receiver and Transcoder 
ISAN - International Standard Audiovisual Number 
ISBN - International Standard Book Number 
ISDB - Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting 
ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network 
IS - Intensity Stereo 
ISMA - Internet Media Streaming Alliance 
ISO - International Standards Organization 
ISP - Internet Service Provider 
ISR - Interrupt Service Routine 
ITU - International Telecommunication Union 
iTV - Internet TV 
IVG - Integrated Video Gateway 
IWS - Initial Working Set 
JAAS - Java Authencation and Authroization Service 
JAR - Java Archive 
JCA - Java Cryptography Architecture 
JCE - Java Cryptography Extentions 
JCIC - Joint Committee on Intersociety Coordination 
JDK - Java Development Kit 
JFIF - JPEG File Interchange Format 
JMF - Java Media Framework 
JNG - JPEG Network Graphics 
JNI - Java Native Interface 
JNM - Java Native Methods 
JPEG2000 - Joint Picture Experts Group 2000 
JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group 
Jscript - JavaScript 
JS - Joint Stereo 
JSSE - Java Secure Socket Extension 
JVM - Java Virtual Machine 
kbps - Kilo bits per second 
KDF - Key Derivation Function 
Killer App - Killer Application 
KLV - Key Length Value 
KoD - Karaoke on Demand 
KPI - Key Performance Indicator 
KQI - Key Quality Indicators 
LAES - Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance 
LAN - Local Area Network 
LBI - Late Binding Interface 
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display 
LCN - Logical Channel Number 
LFE - Low Frequency Enhancement 
LID - Local Identifier 
Linear TV - Linear Television 
Liquid LSP - Liquid Label Switched Path 
LISP - LIS Processing 
LLC-SNAP - Logical Link Control-Sub Network Access Protocol
LLU - Local Loop Unbundling 
LMDS - Local Multichannel Distribution Service 
LMDS - Local Multipoint Distribution System 
LOC - Local Operations Center 
LP-1 - Local Primary Monitoring Station First 
LP-2 - Local Primary Monitoring Station Alternate 
LSD - Logical Screen Descriptor 
LSF - Low Sampling Frequency 
MAC - Media Access Control 
MAC - Medium Access Control 
MAC - Message Authentcation Code 
MAP - Media Access Plan 
MBGP - Multicast Border Gateway Protocol 
MB - Media Block 
MBONE - Multicast Backbone 
Mbps - Millions of bits per second 
MCard - Multiple Stream CableCARD 
M-CMTS - Modular Cable Modem Termination System 
MCNS - Multimedia Cable Network System 
MCR - Master Control Room 
MDCT - Modified Discrete Cosine Transformation 
MDD - Metadata Dictionary 
MDI - Media Delivery Index 
MER - Modulation Error Ratio 
MGG-LC - Low Complexity MNG 
MG - Minimum Guarantee 
MGT - Master Guide Table 
MHD - Mobile Handheld Device 
MHEG - Multimedia/Hypermedia Expert Group 
MHP - Multimedia Home Platform 
Microchannel - Television Micro Channel 
MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface 
MIME - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions 
MITRE - Missile Test and Readiness Equipment 
MIU - Media Interoperability Unit 
MJPEG - Motion JPEG 
MMDS - Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service 
MMDS - Multipoint Microwave Distribution System 
MMS - Microsoft Media Server Protocol 
MMU - Memory Management Unit 
MNG - Multiple image Network Graphics 
MoCA - Multimedia over Coax Alliance 
MOV - QuickTime MOVie format 
MP3 - Motion Picture Experts Group Layer 3 
MP3 - Motion Picture Experts Group Level 3 
MP4 - MPEG-4 
MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group 
MPEGoIP - MPEG over Internet Protocol 
MP - Main Profile 
MPTS Feed - Multiprogram Transport Stream Feed 
MPTS - Multiprogram Transport Stream 
MRD - Marketing Requirements Document 
MRD - MPEG-2 Registration Descriptor 
MRLE - Microsoft Run Length Encoding 
MSB - Most Significant Bit 
MSDP - Multicast Source Discovery Protocol 
MSE - Mean Square Error 
MS - Media Server 
MSO - Multiple System Operator 
MTFTP - Multicast Trivial File Transfer Protocol 
MTT - Mobile Terrestrial Television 
MTU - Maximum Transmission Unit 
MuX - Multiplexer 
MVDDS - Multichannel Video Distribution and Data Service 
MVPD - Multichannel Video Program Distributor 
MXF - Material eXchange Format 
NAB - National Association Of Broadcasters 
NABTS - North American Basic Teletext Specification (EIA_516) 
NAL - Network Abstraction Layer 
NAN - Not A Number 
NCF - Network Connectivity Function 
NCTA - National Cable Television Association 
Net - Internet 
NICAM - Near Instantaneous Companded Audio Multiplexing 
NIC - Network Interface Card 
NI - Network Interface 
NISDN - Narrrow-band Integration Services Digital Network 
NIST - National Institute Of Standards And Technology 
NNW - No New Wires 
NOC - National Operations Center 
NOC - Network Operations Center 
NPT - Normal Play Time 
NPVR - Network Personal Video Recorder 
NRT - Network Resources Table 
NSAP - Network Service Access Point 
NTP - Network Time Protocol 
NTSC - National Television System Committee 
NUT - Net UDP Throughput 
NVOD - Near Video On Demand 
OBE - Out of Box Experience 
OCAP - Open Cable Application Platform 
OC - Object Carousel 
On Airwaves - On-Air 
OOB Channel - Out of Band Channel 
OOB Receiver - Out of Band Receiver 
OPERA - Open PLC European Research Alliance 
ORB - Object Request Broker 
OSD - On Screen Display 
OSGI - Open Systems Gateway Initiative 
OS - Operating System 
OSPF - Open Shortest Path First 
OSS - Operations Support System 
OUI - Organization Unique Identifier 
P2P - Peer to Peer 
PAL - Phase Alternating Line 
PAM - Pulse Amplitude Modulation 
Parametric QoS - Parametric Quality of Serivce 
PAT - Program Association Table 
PBS - Public Broadcast Service 
PCDATA - Parsed Character Data 
PCI - Peripheral Component Interconnect 
PCMCIA - Personal Computer Memory Card International Association 
PCM - Pulse Coded Modulation 
PCR - Production Control Room 
PCR - Program Clock Reference 
PDA - Personal Digital Assistant 
PDM - Pulse Duration Modulation 
PDV - Packet Delay Variation 
PEM - Privacy Enhanced Mail 
PE - Presentation Engine 
PER - Packet Error Rate 
PES - Packetized Elementary Stream 
PFR - Portable Font Resource 
PGP - Pretty Good Privacy 
PID Dropping - Packet Identifier Dropping 
PID - Packet Identifier 
PIG - Picture in Graphics 
PIMDM - Protocol Independent Multicase Dense Mode 
PIM - Protocol Independent Multicast 
PIP - Picture in Picture 
PKI - Public Key Infrastructure 
PKIX - PKI X.509 
Play-List - Playlist 
PLC - Power Level Control 
PLMN - Public Land Mobile Network 
PLTV - Pause Live Television 
PMI - Portable Media Interface 
PMP - Portable Media Player 
PMS - Personal Media Server 
PMS - Property Management System 
PMT - Program Map Table 
PNG - Portable Network Graphics 
POD - Personal Operable Device 
POD - Point of Deployment 
POD - Point of Deployment Module
POE - Point of Entry 
POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service 
PPD - Pay Per Day 
PPV - Pay Per View 
Preamp - Pre-Amplifier 
Private TV - Private Television 
PSIP - Program and System Information Protocol 
PSI - Program Specific Information 
PSM - Program Splice Mode 
PSNR - Peak Signal to Noise Ratio 
PSTD - Program System Target Decoder 
PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network 
PSU - Pillow Speaker Unit 
PTS - Presentation Time Stamp 
PU - Presentation Unit 
Push VOD - Push Video on Demand 
PVR - Personal Video Recorder 
QAM - Quadrature Amplitude Modulation 
QoS Policy - Quality of Service Policy 
QoS - Quality Of Service 
QPSK - Quadrature Phase Shift Keying 
QT Atoms - Quicktime Atoms 
RADIUS - Remote Access Dial In User Service 
RAI - Resource Adaptation Engine 
RAM - Random Access Memory 
RA - Registration Authority 
RAS - Remote Access Server 
RAS - Rights Access System 
RCC - Reverse Control Channel 
RC - Remote Control 
RCS - Rendering Control Service 
RDC - Reverse Data Channel 
RDF - Resource Description Framework 
RDP - Remote Display Protocol 
Regional VHO - Regional Video Hub Office 
Reverse OOB - Reverse Out of Band Channel 
RF Bypass - Radio Frequency Bypass Switch 
RF Modulator - Radio Frequency Modulator 
RF Out - Radio Frequency Output 
RFC - Request For Comments 
RGBA - Red Green Blue Alpha 
RGB - Red, Green, Blue,
RG - Residential Gateway 
RHVO - Remote Video Hub Operation 
RIFF - Resource Interchange File Format 
RM - RealMedia 
ROM - Read Only Memory 
RPC - Regional Protection Control 
RPF - Reverse Path Forwarding 
RP - Rendezvous Point 
RPTV - Rear Projection Television 
RRT - Rating Region Table 
RSA - Rivest, Shamir, Adleman 
RSS - Really Simple Syndication 
RSVP - Resource Reservation Protocol 
RTCP - Real-Time Transport Control Protocol 
RTOS - Real Time Operating System 
RTP - Real Time Protocol 
RTSP - Real Time Streaming Protocol 
RTSPT - Real Time Streaming Protocol over TCP 
RTSPU - Real Time Streaming Protocol over UDP 
S/PDIF - Sony Philips Digital InterFace 
SAN - Storage Area Network 
SAP - Secondary Audio Program 
SAP - Session Announcement Protocol 
SAS - Subscriber Authorization System 
SBB - Set Back Box 
SBNS - Satellite and Broadcast Network System 
SCard - Single Stream CableCARD 
SCP - Service Control Protocol 
SCR - System Clock Reference 
SCSI - Small Computer Systems Interface 
SCTE - Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers 
SDD - Self Describing Device 
SDF - Service Description Framework 
SDH - Synchronous Digital Hierarchy 
SDI - Serial Digital Interface 
SDK - Software Development Kit 
SDP - Session Description Protocol 
SDS - Service Discovery and Selection 
SD - Standard Definition 
SDT - Service Description Table 
SDTV - Standard Definition Television 
SDV - Switched Digital Video 
SECAM - Sequential Couleur Avec MeMoire 
SELT - Single Ended Line Test 
SGML - Standard Generalized Markup Language 
SGW - Service Gateway 
SHE - Super Headend 
SID - Service Identifier 
SII - Station Identification Information 
SI - Service Information 
SI - System Information 
SMATV - Satellite Master Antenna Television 
SMBUS - System Management Bus 
SMIL - Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language 
SMS - Screen Management System 
SMS - Subscriber Management System 
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol 
SOC - System On Chip 
Softkeys - Soft Keys 
SPG - Synchronization Pulse Generator 
SP - Simple Profile 
SRM - Session and Resource Manager 
SRTP - Secure Real Time Protocol 
SRTS - Synchronous Residual Time Stamp 
SSH - Secure Shell 
STC - System Time Clock 
Stereo - Stereophonic 
STP - Service Transport Protocol 
STS - System Time Stamp 
Studio - Movie Studio 
STV - Subscription Television 
Stylesheet - Style Sheet 
S-Video - Separate Video 
SVOD - Subscription Video on Demand 
Sync Impairment - Synchronization Impairments 
TFS - Transient File System 
TFS - Transport File System 
TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol 
Timestamp - Time Stamp 
T - Mail - Television Mail 
TMS - Theater Management System 
Transport ID - Transport Identifier 
TRT - Total Running Time 
TSFS - Transport Stream File System 
TSTV - Time Shift Television 
TSTV - Time Shifted Television 
TTS - Text To Speech 
TV Centric - Television Centric 
TV Channel - Television Channel 
TV Portal - Television Portal 
TV Studio - Television Studio 
TVoF - Television over Fiber 
TXOP - Transmission Opportunity 
UGC - User Generated Content 
UI - User Interface 
UMB - Ultra Mobile Broadband 
UMID - Unique Material Identifier 
UPA - Universal Powerline Association 
Upfronts - Upfront Advertising 
UPnP AV - Universal Plug and Play Audio Visual 
UPnP - Universal Plug and Play 
USC - User Selectable Content 
USM - User Services Management 
VBI - Video Blanking Interval 
vBook - Video Book 
VBR Feed - Variable Bit Rate Feed 
VBV - Video Buffer Verifier 
VCL - Video Coding Layer 
VCO - Video Central Office 
VCT - Virtual Channel Table 
VC - Virtual Channel 
VDN - Video Distribution Network 
V-Factor - V Factor 
VHO - Video Hub Office 
Video Ringtone - Video Ring Tone 
Virtual TV Channel - Virtual Television Channel 
VLE - Variable Length Encoding 
VM - Virtual Machine 
VOD - Video On Demand 
VQI - Video Quality Index 
VQM - Video Quality Measurement 
VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling Language 
VSO - Video Serving Office 
WMA - Windows Media Audio 
WMM - Wi-Fi Multimedia 
WM - Windows Media 
WTCG - Watch This Channel Grow 
X3D - Extensible 3D 
XDI - Context Digital Item 
XSLT - XML Stylesheet Language Transformation